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Rental Beast’s renters and landlords Can access free rental insurance quotes

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Rental Beast and Liberty Mutual Insurance Partner to Increase Access to Affordable Renter’s Insurance. Rental Beast’s renters and landlords now enjoy easy access to free rental insurance quotes and discounted rental insurance rates

Rental Beast, the only fully integrated SaaS platform for rentals with a comprehensive database of over eight million rental listings nationwide, announced a new partnership with leading insurance provider Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual will offer Rental Beast’s renters free, no-obligation rental insurance quotes. Through this partnership, renters could have Renter’s Insurance for as low as $5 a month*.

Together, the two companies will increase the awareness of rental insurance and its accessibility. As landlords upload listings onto the Rental Beast search portal, they may now select rental insurance as a requirement for applicants. As renters use Rental Beast’s online application engine, they can access free Liberty Mutual renter’s insurance quotes that will remain valid for 30 days.

“We’ve chosen Liberty Mutual Insurance as our preferred renter’s insurance provider because Liberty Mutual is relentlessly dedicated to its customers,” said Ishay Grinberg, founder, and CEO of Rental Beast. “This partnership means renters can now achieve a full and accurate understanding of their living expenses, and landlords can take one more step to safeguard their investment. We’re pleased to make affordable renter’s insurance more accessible while giving Liberty Mutual access to eager renters early in the decision-making process.”

The partnership advances Rental Beast’s goal of simplifying the rental market and offering landlords — in particular, small landlords — the tools they need to have a successful rental investment. Rental Beast adds this offering to its suite of free tools for landlords, including rental listing services, a tenant screening service, and online rent collection.

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